Know How to Login at MyApron

In this article we will learn about the company MyApron, its network, the portal and a step by step guide towards MyApron Home Depot login process.

About the Company:

The Home Depot company was formed in the year 1978. It was found by two revolutionary people, ‘Bernie Marcus ‘and ‘Arthur Blank’. At that time, they had no idea that this small hardware store would turn out to be the turning point in the home improvement and the retail industry.

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Today it can be named as the world’s largest home improvement retailer.
The company has spread its wings to almost 2000 plus stores all across North America.
Their mission is to provide excellence in their services- meant to the customers, associates, communities and shareholders.

The products range from tools, construction products, gardening goods and even many services.
The company retains a very high-performing, diverse workforce. It is also the fifth largest employer from the companies listed on the S&P 500. They are currently loaded with more than 350000 employees and associates.

One of the online portals through which the employees can login to their schedule is the MyApron portal.

MyApron Portal

My Apron can only be accessible by the employee if they are inside the Home Depot Store. The Home Depot My Apron website is an Intranet application website, i.e. it cannot be accessed anywhere except the store where you are working.

The Home Depot ESS, that is also called Home Depot Employee Self-Service Validation system can also be used to update or add their private data which is then updated in the records of the company.
It can be used to see the employees’ work schedules and past payslips Not just the work schedule and past payslips, the employees can also access payroll, benefits, leaves, taxes, personal data and many more. They can also apply for various leaves online and can fill time sheets.
Moreover, the online webpage can also get the employees a higher position or a promotion from the said network of data.

Home Depot MyApron Login Guide

You can get access to all the value additions the company has to provide, simply by going through your account.
To login in to the Myapron website, you need to follow the below mentioned steps for easy access to the portal-

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection for endless browsing session.
  • The internet browser must be an updated version so that the website opens without any halt or trouble.
  • Ensure you have the correct login credentials with you before logging in.
  • The password for the account should be strong enough t avoid any hacking.
    It should be a combination of alpha-numeric and special characters.
  • Visit the official website of the company login portal with the following URL-
  • Enter your Store number in the first row.
    If you are at any other location, enter other location number which will be the LAN ID.
  • After that, enter your user ID and password in the next two rows.
    Make sure to enter the correct login credentials.
  • Click on the ‘Login’ button.

You will now have complete access to your Home Depot account and all the benefits as well.
You can also access the website at your house or other remote location. If the website is denying you any access, then you will have to go to the store. If the website is allowing remote access, then you are in luck.

If there are cases where you have forgotten your login details at any point, you won’t be able to reset it on your own.
Contact your ASM’s or your HR person immediately to control the situation and gain back your account access.

We hope the article was helpful for you. It has all the relevant details about the company and the login process. Follow the steps and you will be able to access the account and make value of the available benefits over the portal anytime any day.